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Nail Down Installation

Only 20mm thick solid wood floors can be nailed. If the boards are over 160mm wide it is necessary to nail and glue the floor. If the installation is over a concrete screed a ply sub floor will be required to be installed prior to installation.

Our 20mm floor are ends matched, when installing over joists at 450mm centers there is no requirement to support head joints on a joist for normal domestic installations. If heavier point loading is expected all header joints should be supported.

If installing over solid sub flooring planks must be laid at 45 or 90 degrees to sub floor boards or add a layer of minimum nominal 12mm Class1 plywood underlayment to the existing sub floor

Always use Sisalkraft underlay with all nail down installations. Overlapping the seams by min 100mm and returning up the wall.

Snap a working line parallel to the starting wall, allowing 15mm expansion space.

Lay one row of plank along the entire length of the working line.

Top-nail and blind-nail the first row (hand-nail if necessary), using appropriate fasteners. Denser species may require pre-drilling. Each succeeding row should be blind-nailed wherever possible.

  • Joists sub floors – Blind nail in each joist
  • Plank or Panel sub floors – Nail every 200-300mm  

During installation of flooring pieces, push or gently tap boards flush to the previous row. Tap against the tongue; tapping the groove may damage the edge. To prevent damage to the finish, avoid tapping the face of the board with a rubber mallet.

For wide rooms in excess of 6 meters use the following installation method

Find the centre of your room, measuring off the two longest walls, and snap a line down the centre of that room.

Install a starter board on the line. Fasten the starter board to the floor using wood screws.

Nail the first row of wood flooring against the starter board, being careful not to move the starter board when nailing. The groove of the flooring should be against the starter board.

Drill and hand-nail the first three rows through the tongue. DO NOT USE TOP NAILS.

Use a blind nailer to install the remaining rows of wood flooring. Use the nailing practices described earlier in the chapter.

After installing in one direction, remove the starter board and start rows going in the opposite direction.

Install a false tongue in the groove of the board that was against the straight- edge. Put wood glue down the entire length of the groove before installing the tongue.

Install the remaining rows in the opposite direction. Use the nailing practices described earlier in the chapter. 



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